Sunday afternoon, clear and cold here. There’s nothing in particular that I « must » do today. I go about a few tasks, discuss films with my son, hang out with the cat, make arrangements for a future trip, check the updates on the Internet, take a walk to the news stand for the Sunday paper. Following the « news of the world » as ever.
Egypt still captivates and inspires. I am deeply moved by the simplicity of a people standing up for freedom in a most basic, pure and momentous fashion. All this Western blah-blah-blah about Islamic fundamentalists taking over has never seemed so absurd. What’s stunning is the hypocritical rhetoric of those so-called « democracies » who are not supporting outright a movement that is putting into action the very values they supposedly hold so dear! It « should » be what is popularly called a « no-brainer… »
What seems to be shaking people up so much is that ineluctable element: the unknown. This is always the bottom line, of course: None of us knows a thing, yet we continue projecting what we think we know, what we expect, what we fear. When in fact the truth is that there is nothing to know. And if we know that, what else do we need to know?