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octobre 2012

Late afternoon, touched with love

By | 2015-10-02T15:33:30+01:00 octobre 21st, 2012|Textes|

Late, late afternoon here in the city. It's that "moment" of day's light sliding into night's dark. Even as I'm writing that, as the words take form, I'm aware of day/night as convenient labels for the same "thing," which is not a "thing" at all, but rather a constant flux impossible to hold. The simultaneous [...]

What’s a bodhisattva, anyway?

By | 2017-04-04T06:58:15+01:00 octobre 15th, 2012|Textes|

In response to a question raised in a reader's comment on the previous entry, I'd like to offer an explanation of what I mean by the word "bodhisattva." Note that these words reflect my experience, and therefore they are not necessarily what a dictionary definition might say. Strictly speaking, the Sanskrit word bodhisattva means enlightenment [...]

Get what you want or get what you need?

By | 2017-04-04T06:58:15+01:00 octobre 4th, 2012|Textes|

I stumbled upon this comment today, and am throwing it out there to see what others might have to say. It touches on so many issues that many of us find ourselves confronting daily - wealth, power and fame, happiness, spirituality, goals, food, clothing, leisure, livelihood, politics... Maybe we can get a discussion going here [...]

Program 2012-2013

By | 2015-10-12T16:17:37+01:00 octobre 3rd, 2012|Textes|

One-day retreats (Paris)/retraites d’une journée à Paris 6 Oct. 24 Nov. 19 Jan. 16 Feb. 16 March 16 June (Bloomsday) Weekend retreats: 1-4 Nov. (Portugal) 29-31 March (Portugal) 25-28 April (Gent, Belgium) with Frank de Waele Sensei and Zen Sangha Belgium registration and information: Zen Sangha Belgium 8-12 May (France) 8-10 June (Portugal) Weeklong retreats/retraites [...]

Retreat in the Heart of Life, Day V

By | 2015-10-02T20:32:19+01:00 octobre 2nd, 2012|Retraites au coeur de la vie|

The day looks like this so far: breakfast, lunch, Skype appointment, laundry and dishes to wash, the rain outside, a cup of green tea inside, catching up with email traffic and administrative duties, now preparing to head out for the rest of the day elsewhere (not at "home," that is). I'm still reflecting on the [...]

Leonard Cohen’s imperfect perfect offering

By | 2015-10-02T15:35:51+01:00 octobre 1st, 2012|Textes|

Another marvelous Leonard Cohen concert last night, and this time at the legendary Olympia theater in Paris. Today, it seems like whatever I might write about the experience here would be merely words words words. They would fail to transmit the joy of so much emotion, so much love, so much happiness and sorrow, so [...]

septembre 2012

Méditation hebdomadaire/weekly meditation

By | 2015-10-08T17:33:39+01:00 septembre 30th, 2012|La pratique Zen|

Les lundis soirs (Mondays), 20h-22h méditation et entretiens (interviews) avec Amy Sensei 4 Passage Courtois 75011 Paris (porte gauche/door on left, interphone 'maison', dernière étage/top floor) Tél. 06 10 87 82 19 (Joa) Les vendredis soirs (Fridays), 19h45-21h15 méditation et enseignement/discussion (talk/discussion) avec Amy Sensei Red Earth Centre 235 rue Lafayette 75010 Paris code 13B12 [...]

Adrift in transition

By | 2015-10-02T15:36:08+01:00 septembre 13th, 2012|Textes|

When the moment came to once again start tapping in words here, I was initially held up by some technical difficulties before finally managing to "enter" zenscribe's empty pages. Anxiety gives way to relief: The space, as it were, is still mine!!! Strange notion, but so it goes... And now weeks after the last posting [...]