The day looks like this so far: breakfast, lunch, Skype appointment, laundry and dishes to wash, the rain outside, a cup of green tea inside, catching up with email traffic and administrative duties, now preparing to head out for the rest of the day elsewhere (not at « home, » that is).
I’m still reflecting on the « home economics » and « existential ecology » of not wasting my natural resources. Seems I’m a compost pit, in fact. Also feeling very much like the time, place, situation, activity in which I find myself is the « teacher, » much like what Bernie Glassman says about Auschwitz.
Reflecting, too, on the comments about this « heart of life » week feeling or not feeling like a « retreat. » My first question for us, then, is: What is a retreat? When we say it feels like or doesn’t feel like being on a retreat, we have some idea of what a retreat is and feels like. Usually it is related to a past experience of sitting together with a group for a day, a weekend, a week, or more.
But what if the retreat did not depend on particular, organized circumstances, on a pre-arranged situation? What if rather than imagining that you participate in a retreat, or go on a retreat, you realize that you ARE the retreat?
This, after all (and it seems like a contradiction), is exactly what retreats are organized to help us realize…
Like tomorrow, the final day of our retreat, when we will come together in Paris and share a day of sitting (in retreat). Please join us wherever you are.