It sometimes seems like such a mad, mad world: economics, politics, athletics, entertainment, disease, birth, death, natural disaster, cruelty, war, love, distraction, waste, abundance…
My own life has all of that in varying doses, shifting unseen moment to moment. There may be laughter or tears or something in between, and then the opposite or something in between, without explanation.
A week ago today, my fellow Americans somehow managed to give Barack Obama more time to fulfill his hopes for a more humane world. Hallelujah. I truly wish him success. May he weather the difficulties and prevail in the face of unthinkable obstacles.
It’s like D. T. Suzuki says of the bodhisattva: « While in the midst of clouds and dust, infinitely variegated, the bodhisattva works with his head and face all covered with mud and ashes. »