No time until now to post here a Day IV « vehicle » (or perhaps « container » is a better word?) for today’s flow of comments.
At first, that seems like a problem: I’m not keeping up with the pace of the day, I’m leaving the participants without a space to share their experience. But then I think: « Really?! » What does that mean, « the pace of the day »? And what about « keeping up »? And of course the inevitable « I »?
So many questions lead me back to some basic words from D.T. Suzuki that have been accompanying me since last week:
To « live » Zen, he says, « means to treat yourself and the world in the most appreciative and reverential frame of mind. » This, for him, is the « secret » of « Zen discipline, » which, he adds, « means not to waste natural resources; it means to make full use… of everything that comes your way. »
Here I am, then, making use of this « no time until now to post… » and offering it to you.