Stepped out of the office just now to pick up some lunch. Ended up getting pasta with shrimp, coriander and lemon, a green salad and water. But what is more interesting than my lunch is that on the way back I spotted the above poster on a bus shelter advertising the coming Paris climate conference, COP21. ‘7 billion inhabitants,’ it says, ‘just 1 planet.’

It’s true that all 7 billion of us are living in one habitation and mostly not taking such good care of it.

I wondered, though, what would happen if we switched the perspective: ‘7 billion planets, just 1 inhabitant.’ It’s a different story if I see every single one of the 7 billion people/planets as being me/mine. I’m quite sure there would be far less suffering in the world – and probably a healthier planet – if we could each make that shift.