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septembre 2012

Méditation hebdomadaire/weekly meditation

By | 2015-10-08T17:33:39+01:00 septembre 30th, 2012|La pratique Zen|

Les lundis soirs (Mondays), 20h-22h méditation et entretiens (interviews) avec Amy Sensei 4 Passage Courtois 75011 Paris (porte gauche/door on left, interphone 'maison', dernière étage/top floor) Tél. 06 10 87 82 19 (Joa) Les vendredis soirs (Fridays), 19h45-21h15 méditation et enseignement/discussion (talk/discussion) avec Amy Sensei Red Earth Centre 235 rue Lafayette 75010 Paris code 13B12 [...]

juin 2012

Summer 2012

By | 2015-10-08T17:33:48+01:00 juin 30th, 2012|La pratique Zen|

Please note the Wild Flower summer schedule: Final weekly meditation Monday July 16 Retreat in Portugal: July 28- Aug. 4 info/registration: Retreat in France: Aug. 25-Sept. 1 info/registration: Meditation starts again Monday Sept. 10 and Friday Sept. 16

mai 2011

Enseignements en français

By | 2017-04-04T06:58:17+01:00 mai 1st, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Enseignements donnés à Paris par Amy Hollowell Sensei.   Quitter les sentiers battus - Vendredi 28 Janvier 2011   Incarner l'évidence - Vendredi 4 Février 2011   Porter témoignage - Vendredi 25 Février 2011   Une retraite au coeur de la vie - Vendredi 4 Mars 2011   La méditation : un but en soi [...]

avril 2011

Méditation à Paris/weekly meditation in Paris

By | 2015-10-08T17:33:56+01:00 avril 20th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Les lundis soirs, 20h-22h méditation et entretiens (interviews) avec Amy Sensei 4 Passage Courtois 75011 Paris (porte gauche, interphone 'maison', dernière étage) Tél. 06 10 87 82 19 (Joa) Les vendredis soirs, 19h45-21h15 méditation et enseignement (talk) avec Amy Sensei Red Earth Centre 235 rue Lafayette 75010 Paris code A153B au fond de la cour, [...]

No sitting

By | 2015-10-08T17:34:02+01:00 avril 19th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

A note for those in Paris: Il n'y aura pas de méditation à Paris le lundi 25 avril. Tout recommencera le vendredi 29 avril et le lundi 2 mai.

février 2011

Retreat notes, VI (One infinite territory)

By | 2017-04-04T06:58:18+01:00 février 19th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Rain has been coming down all day, off and on, laced with a chilling edge. Late afternoon, and it's hard to imagine that it's warm and sunny somewhere, or snow-bound, or deep, dark night. Of course it is, however, and of course I can't "know" it unless I'm there. What does it mean to be [...]

Retreat notes, V (Open and connected)

By | 2017-04-04T06:58:18+01:00 février 18th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Our "fifth day" is coming to an end for me here in Montreuil. We had our usual evening sitting at the Red Earth Centre and much lively discussion. I noticed that I was much less tired than usual on Friday nights. Seems I'm energized by this retreat. Not surprising. We've all been delving into our [...]

Retreat notes, IV (Hearing pain)

By | 2015-10-03T16:44:39+01:00 février 17th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Day 4 of our retreat, Thursday, another day at the office. There was time for a short morning sitting, a bit of "stillness practice," before leaving home, unlike yesterday. And then it was into the "movement practice" of the world and its array of daily motion. We think we know it so well! And yet... [...]

Retreat notes, III (Back to the roots)

By | 2015-10-03T16:44:21+01:00 février 16th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Had to go to the office early this morning, so no sitting to start the day for me. Have to wait until tonight. Which is exactly how my practice has always been, since the very beginning. And which is how this "retreat in the heart of life" came to be: It was/is a direct result [...]

Retreat notes, II (Where we meet)

By | 2015-10-03T16:44:04+01:00 février 15th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

Second day of our great adventure into the heart of life. Sometimes I forget about it, forget that this is a retreat, only realizing that I've forgotten when I remember. And then suddenly as I put the key in my door upon returning from a lunch date, the "world" is beyond imagination and yet right [...]