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février 2011

Retreat notes, I (Borders)

By | 2015-10-03T16:43:43+01:00 février 14th, 2011|La pratique Zen|

So after sitting this morning and before sitting tonight, it's Monday, with it's usual routine of household tasks, meetings and appointments. And yet today, there's a difference: These activities are my contribution to the retreat that we are plunging into together. A fountain of gratitude gushed forth as I read all your words. With the [...]

octobre 2010

Fingertips lightly touching the ground

By | 2017-04-04T06:58:19+01:00 octobre 16th, 2010|La pratique Zen|

Tonight, I'm ready to shut it all down and go to bed. The day was busy with the rigors of parenting, the grind of household duties. No time for "I"! So after the last dishes are finally done, the night is quiet, I sit down, put the words here. Whatever words come. I know they [...]

février 2008

janvier 2008

novembre 2006

Resistance is difficult, not change

By | 2015-10-03T16:52:04+01:00 novembre 21st, 2006|La pratique Zen|

Sky is gray in Paris. Garden a galaxy of colors. Grass still green; some leaves drop, some hold. Pee ocher yellow green new daily. Paws wet, the tan cat comes in from the rain. Road work in full grinding swing. Resistance is difficult, not change. Change is the essential nature of all things. How to [...]


By | 2015-10-03T16:51:43+01:00 novembre 8th, 2006|La pratique Zen|

Le Zen défie toute définition: ni religion, ni philosophie, ni système de pensée, ni doctrine, ni croyance. La méditation Zen, pratique de base, nous aide à expérimenter ce qui ne peut pas être défini: l'instant présent, ici, maintentant. Zen defies definition: It is not a religion, not a philosophy, not a system of thought, not [...]

A wafting cloud in the sky

By | 2015-10-03T16:51:26+01:00 novembre 8th, 2006|La pratique Zen|

We may say that Christianity is monotheistic and the Vedanta pantheistic; but we cannot make a similar assertion about Zen. Zen is neither monotheistic nor pantheistic; Zen defies all such designations. Hence there is no object in Zen upon which to fix the thought. Zen is a wafting cloud in the sky. No screw fastens [...]