Evening has fallen almost unnoticed. I was surfing the web, as we say, catching up on the news of the day. Not much of note to report on that front.

Earlier, we gently wrapped up the Heart of Life retreat this morning with a half-day of practice at the Wild Flower Center here in Paris: sitting, chanting, offering plant-candlelight-and-incense, taking hot green tea and coffee with a few cookies, sharing a talk and some questions. Then each went their own way into the cold afternoon, blessed by the pale late-autumn sun.

Thanks to all for your practice this week. For you, we have posted or will post on the website the talks from last night and today (http://wildflowerzen.org/blog-teachings/).

Bernie’s book starts and ends with a reminder of what is the « supreme meal »: living our life fully. A full life is a life that includes everything. It’s life as practice and practice as life. That’s what our practice this week has been about, using the « ingredients » we each have at hand to make the best « meal » possible and then offering it.

How did it go for you? We’d all love to know. Please tell us all about it here: who, what, where, why, when and how!