I might say that having never left, I am back again.

A long weekend in Portugal and now return to Montreuil, Paris, Neuilly. There was a second jukai ceremony, with photos to come, either here (soon) or on Wild Flower Zen Sangha-Portugal site: http://sanghazenpt.wordpress.com.

Also gave a conference at the Literary Circle of Porto, « Shikantaza on the Liffey: A Zen reading of Joyce’s Ulysses. » Despite the obligatory simultaneous translation, which altered the flow, I had some Patti Smith moments, particularly when presenting Joyce’s marvelous diagram of Ulysses:


Ulysses, of course, is a day in the life of a moment. So this is also a diagram of the true nature of every moment.
For life is movement and rest at once. There is no life without both.

Another equation as illustration:
immortality (solidity) = death – life, but mortality (fluidity) = death + life