It’s a new day.
Can’t let this marvelous moment go by without a word or two.
Obama’s election brings tears of joy to my eyes in front of the computer at 5:30 a.m. My country’s capacity to reinvent itself by picking this wise and inspiring man to lead it moves me more than any political event ever has. Not one for nationalism, I am filled with pride for all that my country represents, its limitless possibilities, its desire to transcend differences to unite behind what is finest.
America’s dark years have darkened the world. Its policies of separation and exclusion have wrought untold harm and destruction, taking lives and leaving millions of others in disarray. My sadness and disgust had given rise to despair and a gnawing sense of powerlessness.
And then today America chose to say yes to unity and inclusion. Today, America chose to renew itself behind a man who embodies so perfectly the essence of oneness and diversity.
E pluribus unum indeed.
A more perfect union indeed.
Yes we can.
Indeed, here and now, yes we can.