I come across a phrase as I flip through a text that I’ve read over and over, entitled, « La nécessité de Giacometti » (The Necessity of Giacometti), by Yves Bonnefoy: Giacometti’s intention in his art, Bonnefoy writes, was to « saisir » (seize) « la transcendance dans l’immanence » (transcendence in immanence).
Seize what can’t be seized: That was his necessity. And mine, too. A necessity of liberation.
Like that other phrase I noted: beyond, yet leaving nothing behind.
Any number of questions are raised: Beyond? Transcendent? Immanent? Behind? Nothing? Leaving? Seize? Art? Necessity? Liberation?
And now before me on my desk, a photo of Lucian Freud « At Work, Night (2005), » raises more questions: Work? Night? 2005? Lucian Freud?
I might ask, « Why was the soup green tonight? » But then spoonful to spoonful, no questions asked, I eat (green).