Brilliant morning splashed in light. Everything above is searing blue and breathless. Below, a buoyant allure floats throughout, across and around, touching inside and out, a light breeze bearing a promise of warmth to accompany the approach of noon.
So many words could fit here. I sprawl among them, welcome them, bask in them. I feel like Modigliani’s « Reclining Nude, » curving longly, stretched belly up and arms tossed back to receive all that might be said and done.
All that I have to do is not forgotten (planning, organizing, deciding, cooking, laundry, parenting…). But now it « looks » and « sounds » different than it did yesterday, than it did in a sleepless patch of night anxious between strange dreams.
Then, it felt tight, weighty, uncertain. Today, it just seems to be part of the dance.