So after sitting this morning and before sitting tonight, it’s Monday, with it’s usual routine of household tasks, meetings and appointments. And yet today, there’s a difference: These activities are my contribution to the retreat that we are plunging into together.
A fountain of gratitude gushed forth as I read all your words.
With the geographic spread (both spatial and temporal) of our fellow participants, the world has felt both vast and intimate since I awoke before the sun, knowing that elsewhere, in Sri Lanka and Australia, for example, it had been shining for hours. Have also noticed the vastness and intimacy of « my » world/life, losing the borders of « life » and « practice » in the fullness of each moment. Is laundry practice or life? What about the Métro? Saying goodbye to friends? Changing the light bulb?
Keep an eye out for those « borders. » Where are they and how did they get there?
And thank you, one and all, for accepting this invitation to each go your own way with all the others.