So now after a fine day under blue sky and radiant sun it’s evening.
I accomplished my daily tasks, at work and at home and in between, trying to listen unconditionally to the sounds of the world and my heart.
Deep pink tulips that I was given on Saturday are drooping deeply, ending their run of life in a humble swoop. I’m sorry and yet I’m glad. How wonderful!
The news from Japan is of contaminated food and water, unfit for babies. And the rest of us? Today a cloud of unknowing filled with possibly toxic emissions has made its way halfway around the world and passes overhead.
I wonder where the edge of that cloud is, where it begins and ends.
I wonder what is toxic and what is not.
More bombs are dropped on Libya, more shots fired.
A bomb explodes in Jerusalem, troops fire on protesters in Syria.
Liz Taylor died. And millions of other people, too. And millions were born, too.
Is this the last day or the first? Or something in between?
I notice daylight gives way to darkness a bit later tonight, the earth spinning on.