Tonight a new month suddenly looks like a wonderful opportunity to « settle down » after a crazy, scattered September: What have I been doing all these days and weeks? All and nothing. I can’t even remember the beginning of it all…
Bits and pieces of the day come to mind, a work day of reading and editing and pulling various pieces together to make a collection of news items that tell only the surface of the tale of the world for readers whom I will never know.
Also recall: Yesterday there was another kind of « work, » another tale of the world, introducing the practice of meditation in less than an hour to a group of newcomers at the center where we sit on Friday nights. The door was open, anyone could come in and sit down. A few did, attentive, eager, all sitting facing me.
What could I say? How could I use words to tell them that nothing is « outside » of « meditation, » nothing is « beyond » or to be discarded or obtained?
Among the words, we sat and we breathed, telling the tale. Then I rang the bell.