Thanks to those who inquired about my health last week. I’m now well back in the swing of things, experiencing the bitter Parisian cold firsthand.
And today amid the greater world’s joys and sorrows, the slaughters and acts of kindness, the electoral hand-wringing and bickering, the getting and spending, I managed the daily doings: tending to three loads of laundry, preparing three meals (one for the family, two for me alone), shopping for a few items for my son, meeting with the translator of my poems, working on a text whose deadline is fast approaching… A day much like any other and yet a day all its own.
Then, in a moment of relaxation at my desk, I randomly open « The Zen Teaching of Huang Po » and come upon this passage near the end, which seems uncannily meant just for me tonight:
« Do not permit the events of your daily lives to bind you, but never withdraw yourselves from them. »