I stumbled upon this comment today, and am throwing it out there to see what others might have to say. It touches on so many issues that many of us find ourselves confronting daily – wealth, power and fame, happiness, spirituality, goals, food, clothing, leisure, livelihood, politics…
Maybe we can get a discussion going here (you can comment in whatever language you like).

« Renunciation is the attitude toward mundane things such as wealth, power and fame that they are not, in themselves, sources of true and lasting happiness and are only useful in so far as they enable us to make progress toward our spiritual goal. What we need to progress toward our spiritual goal are adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care and the leisure time necessary for spiritual practice — the requisites of a spiritual life.
« A Bodhisattva is motivated to help everyone attain the true and lasting happiness found by walking a correct spiritual path, and he or she has a responsibility to help everyone attain the requisites of a spiritual life.
« Should Bodhisattvas become involved in the political arena as a method of helping everyone attain the requisites of a spiritual life? »
– Tenzin Norbu