It is with heavy heart that I must write again about the death of a great teacher in our lineage: Malgosia Jiho Braunek Roshi died on Monday at the age of 67 in Warsaw after fighting cancer for a little more than a year.
Although we saw each other barely once a year, I learned so very much from her. I always listened closely when she spoke – which wasn’t so often – because there was always a pearl or a diamond in her words. And there was her smile! And her laughter! And her tears! And her eyes! And that vast, open, warm heart! She was wise and compassionate and gorgeous inside and out.
Instead of adding more of my words, here are links to two fine reflections on her by two other teachers in our lineage: one, by my teacher, Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi, and another by Eve Marko Roshi.