Just couldn’t resist coming back on Bloomsday. So here I am again (and again), with a tip of the hat (that I’m not wearing) to Mr. Joyce, and to all the eyes who are just now resting upon these very words.

I haven’t gone anywhere but here all this time that it seemed I was away. Still in the same holding pattern, still awaiting a new look to zenscribe and the Wild Flower site. We’re almost there now, though.

In the meantime, thank you all for staying tuned in (or not!) to this space. With gratitude, I’ll offer a poem from my new book, Here We Are:

News From the Front

Freshly mown grass
is the new story,
today’s field of battles waged
and uprisings,
home to the loyalist in me
and the rebel,
all the hearts and minds
won and lost
in the dandelion reduced to fluff
the red geranium
the yellow iris
the orange rose in wait
the white buds whose provenance escapes me
and which require no further explanation
up against the wall
here with young leaves
on the vine