Good morning from Paris. Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

When I was a child in America, there was a program on television called « This Is Your Life. » A person who had secretly been selected to be the subject was called on stage and his or her entire life was presented, from childhood to present, with pictures, stories, interviews with friends and family and even long lost loved ones brought on stage. I remember being fascinated by the whole thing, by the past being lived in the present moment with the subject as witness of his or her own life unfolding for all to see.

Similarly, our retreat this week is a plunge into the unfolding of life, into the unfolding moment-to-moment of your life. That unfolding is unfathomable, it’s so deep and wide and intricate and endless.

Today, our week begins with finding some stillness in it all. Sit down in the morning, if only for a few minutes, and take a look: This is your life. Feel how that feels. Experience it. No thoughts necessary.

Then throughout the day come back to that, see if there’s some stillness, look at whatever is there at that moment – at work, at home, brushing your teeth, buying lunch, walking to the car, dropping the children at school, meeting with colleagues… Just bear witness to it, the details, the uniqueness of it. Whatever it is, that’s your life, neither good nor bad. And then take a minute to tell us about it here, in whatever language you choose.