Good morning to all from Paris. What lies ahead today? More adventures for us all.

Yesterday was all about « I »: « I » did some sitting with « I, » « I » forgot a Skype session, « I » cleaned out a book shelf and parted with many bits of « I » that « I » had been keeping for reasons only « I » knows, « I » did laundry, « I » cooked, « I » shopped, « I » ate, « I » fed the cat… Whatever « I » could name as being « I » was not « I. »

Today « I » is back, of course. But so is beginner’s mind. So is my dharma name: Tu es cela or You are that. Try that as a question today! Ask not « Who am I? » but « Who are you? » or « Who is she/he? » Try to not let your ideas and opinions limit your experience of others, whoever they are, whether you know them or not.

Keep sitting if/when you can.

So very happy to read you all throughout the day. We are more than 40 official participants, in almost 10 countries, and countless cities. Who are we?