Wherever you are, life is there ! How could Zen practice be anywhere else? Take a plunge into the heart of your life just as it is. This retreat is a superb opportunity to live Zen practice and your entire life as one endlessly vibrant and creative improvisation. (Pour les détails et les infos en français, consultez la rubrique Méditations et retraites sur notre site.) 

No special organization is required for this retreat. You go about your daily life as usual, except that you have signed up for this practice and therefore everything you do all week is part of the retreat – work, family, play, travel, sleep, it’s all practice. The whole world is your practice place. And everyone you encounter is participating in the retreat, too, whether they know it or not: They are participating because you are participating.

Those who sign up for the retreat “come together” here on zenscribe once a day, posting a brief note about his or her day and experience. There are regular mediation times scheduled, some collective, others not, and retreat participants are encouraged to join when they can or sit at another time, wherever they are — at home, in London, Porto, Lisbon, Paris, Belfast, Angola, Perth, Melbourne, Chili, New York…

We end the week in Paris with  a weekend of sitting. Join us there, or sit wherever you are — in the heart of your life.

Note that sign up is required for this retreat, as for all others.