City is hot, sticky yet less congested. Little by little, the population is shifting, any residents who can going elsewhere, tourists who can staying.
Always the come-and-go.
And yet, here we are amid events of the day. There’s always a spark, never a dull moment as they say, if we stay right where we are.
If we pursue the bright lights, fine clothes, rich foods, magnificent jewels and cars, we build a fool’s treasure doomed to be lost from the start. If we reject and withhold, on the other hand, fasting, denying, excluding our needs, withdrawing from the « bodily » world, we pursue a fool’s absence doomed to be lost from the start.
Here is where we pick up the « middle way, » then, a radical plunge into the heart of our lives, something of « an ascetic practice of rejecting ascetism, » as I read this afternoon.