A hectic week has led to this, a ragged Saturday for which there had once been other plans. Those plans changed. Which opened an unexpected vista of the « unexpected. »
I could think in terms of « lost and found »: I « lost » what I had planned to do this weekend (Zen Art); I « found » what I had not planned to do (The Unexpected). However…
My experience is infinitely « other » than such thoughts. It is infinitely richer. When « plans » and expectations drop away, I am here in the midst of at-easiness. My heart is as wide as the sky tonight. What was lost and what was found?
In a book about Francis of Assisi I come upon these, among other phrases:
« Je serai riche par tout ce que je perdrai. » (I will be rich with all that I lose.)
« Dans le monde de l’esprit, c’est en faisant faillite qu’on fait fortune. » (In the spiritual world, it is through bankruptcy that our fortune is made.)