Feels like summer here these days, me between trips and the temperatures high and the sky blue blue blue.
Only the calender doesn’t fit in the picture.
And what picture might that be? The picture that I make of what I think is the picture.
Yesterday I visited fields of great boulders that have been lined up in rows for approximately 6,000 years in western France, in Brittany. What amazes me is not the stones themselves, or the mysterious reasons that they were lined up that way, or how they were put into place. What amazes me is that they are there. What amazes me is that there are thousands of them sitting there exactly where they have been sitting for 6,000 years. I’m amazed that all of the generations of human beings – with all their plans, all their pictures, all their thoughts and fantasies, their wars and persecutions, beliefs and convictions – I’m amazed that all those human beings just left these stones where they are, quietly, peacefully, gracefully.
That is the marvel, the stones just as they are.